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Designing digital experiences that value mental health.

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Caus is a cosy design studio with over 13 years' experience working with early-stage companies and large corporations alike. We've produced over 80 products together, handling everything from product strategy to full-scale redesigns for brands like Proof (YC), Tesla, and Adobe.

After years of building a range of digital products, and unique personal experiences with mental wellness, our current mission effectively chose us. We focus on creating digital experiences that tackle mental illness by building tools like crisis prevention systems, promoting awareness by facilitating workshops on tech and wellbeing, and collaborating with teams across the globe to make their products more mental health friendly.

Creative product people backed by a board of hand-picked mental health professionals—we're Caus. It's nice to meet you.

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What we do.

Workshops —

Understanding mental health is one step. Integrating it into your product decisions is another.

In a hands-on day workshop we'll introduce new ideas and design principles, in the context of your product, based on mental health best practices.

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Product Design —

Create digital experiences that cater to real needs of those suffering from mental illness.

Design products built for crisis prevention and general wellbeing, from the idea and strategy stage through design, growth, and scale.

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Consultation —

We want to share what we've learned from real people and our mental health expert network.

Combine our knowledge and experience in mental health design with your existing talented team to ensure your product and new features are mental health friendly.

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Research —

Good design means having the knowledge to back it up.

Learning how best to support mental health is a never-ending process. We're constantly researching and sharing findings, methodologies, and design patterns to help increase access to better resources across the industry.

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Word on the Street.

"Working with Caus was fantastic. In addition to collaborating on our UX/UI design and strategy for key features, they helped to unify the experience across our platform. The quality of the final designs were matched only by outstanding communication, and a depth of product knowledge that goes far past design."

Dave Rogenmoser CEO, Proof (YC)